Automotive – Out And About with Ted Gushue from Petrolicious

More often than not “car guys” also happen to be “watch guys”. As you might have noticed by reading The Journal, we quite obviously fall into both camps – and luckily, we’re not alone. This week we’re thrilled to be sitting down with Ted Gushue, probably most known for his love of cars, but who also happens to have a pretty impressive watch collection. Based in Santa Monica, Ted is the Executive Editor of Petrolicious, one of the leading automotive lifestyle brands providing short films and editorials on the world’s finest classic cars. Before Petrolicious, he founded Supercompressor, a men’s lifestyle publication. He also happens to be a pretty great photographer, so even if you’re not massively into cars he’s definitely worth a follow on Instagram!

Tell us the one thing that everyone should know about Ted Gushue?

It’s rare to see me without my camera around my shoulder, ever since I switched to Leica I haven’t been able to put it down. Photography was always a passion of mine through college, but then it fell out for whatever reason. So happy to have it back in my life.

You’re not originally from the West Coast. What brought you to California, and more importantly, what made you stay?

I grew up in Connecticut, just outside of New York City in a suburb. Spent 6 years in NYC after college. Spent two years as a DJ, then a year as a management consultant, followed by a stint as a party reporter for the New York Observer and then a year starting a magazine for a hotel chain. After that I joined Thrillist Media Group and launched a mens magazine called, which is now part of While at Supercompressor I was approached with the opportunity to completely focus on a subject (classic cars), which is quite rare in the publishing world. I jumped at the chance, completely uprooted my life and my dog and moved across the country. The last 18 months has been a blur in the best way possible.

Your go-to watch is a Rolex “5513” Submariner, a classic piece that needs no further introduction. Knowing watches often hold a lot of meaning and memories, can you tell us what makes yours so special to you?

I actually spend pretty equal time between the 5513 and the 1675, but they’re both away in storage for the moment while I’m traveling. When I’m on the road I carry a mix of slightly lower value timepieces, for example the Autodromo Group B Evoluzione, the Monoposto Chronograph, and interestingly a Bamford Service Watch, which is the PVD black watch on a leather strap they give to customers as a “loaner” while they’re having their watches serviced. I look at travel as an opportunity to play around and try new things, swapping watches daily while on the road is the perfect setting for that in my opinion.The Rolexes are classic, they are the watches for me. The 1675 is the same fade pattern as the watch that my father wore when I was growing up. He sold his unfortunately so I sought one out with my friends from – really special pieces to me, somewhat valueless at this point.

An old friend visits Los Angeles for the first time, where do you take him or her for the perfect twenty-four hours? What are some of your favourite spots?

I snuck into Soho House Malibu as a member so that’s probably where we’d start our day – massive crashing waves, excellent food and an undeniable view. Then we’d cruise up the canyons for a bit, working up an appetite before stopping for lunch at the Malibu Country Kitchen, hands down the best Chinese Chicken Salad anywhere on earth. Afternoon/sunset cocktail at Shutters on the beach and then dinner at Belcampo in Santa Monica. I’m a west side guy, so that’s likely where we’d hang.

Because the day turned out so unbelievably awesome, that same friend decides to move to Los Angeles. What weekend car would you recommend him getting?

I’m biased, air cooled 911 is the only way to fly.

What’s the most fun vintage car you’ve driven? What about the most fun modern car?

My own, 1976 911S Porsche with a 3.2L Carrera engine. Perfect cruiser. Just spent 1200 miles in the McLaren 570GT – can’t imagine a better grand tourer.

Apart from cars and watches, we’re notorious burger lovers and recently wrote a post about the best burgers in the world. Who serves your favourite burger – and why?

In-N-Out, Triple Double, Protein Style, extra pickles.

Lastly, who do you think we should interview next?

James Lamdin from Analog Shift

To top it off, here’s one of our favourites from Petrolicious, thanks Ted!