Automotive – A Very Special Speedboat

This lovely story originates in a 1950s experiment to create a speedboat with a BMW 507 engine and design. The BMW 507, a very rare roadster and a legend in itself, is one of our favourites cars – so it was no surprise that its aquarian brother turned out so well. Sadly enough, this unique beauty disappeared shortly after its creation, ending up in a barn where it had been left to slowly wither away.

When Felipe Garcia found out about the boat, he knew that he had to find it. When he did, he was thrilled to find it (although unrestored and damaged) in one piece and with all its original parts present.

After a thorough restoration assisted by a German expert, it looks absolutely stunning. It’s painted in its original colours, the instrument panel is restored to its original splendour, and a professional upholsterer has made sure the interior looked just like it did when it first came out.

Make sure you check out the video below!