Travel – Club 55: A Timeless Escape on Pampelonne’s Shores

If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Club 55 on Pampelonne Beach, it’s time to dive into the story of this legendary beach club. More than just a hotspot for the rich and famous, Club 55 has been an icon since its modest beginnings in 1955. Let’s explore the laid-back charm and fascinating quirks that make Club 55 a must-visit on the French Riviera.

Club 55’s origin can be traced back to the set of “And God Created Woman,” a film that not only showcased the picturesque beauty of Saint-Tropez but also laid the foundation for the club’s storied history. In 1955, the crew, led by director Roger Vadim, set up a makeshift beachside canteen to provide a casual retreat for the cast and crew. This impromptu gathering spot would later evolve into the world-famous Club 55. Brigitte Bardot, the film’s leading lady, was particularly enchanted by the rustic charm and laid-back atmosphere of the place. Captivated by the idyllic surroundings and warm hospitality, Bardot chose to stay in Saint-Tropez after the film’s completion

One of Club 55’s charms lies in its refusal to change with the times. Since its inception, the menu has remained a testament to the classics, and the ambiance retains a rustic allure. In a world of constant change, Club 55’s commitment to tradition is a refreshing nod to the past.

Unlike your typical beach clubs, Club 55 takes a unique approach to music. Forget the DJ; instead, a local band strolls from table to table, delivering a delightful medley of tunes. Tip generously, and you might just sway to the rhythm of your favorite song. We once saw an older woman keeping the band by her table for the entire day…

The Club 55 experience is more than just a meal; it’s a journey through time. With two lunch servings available – one at noon and another at the leisurely 15:00 – we recommend opting for the latter. Kick back, savor delicious bites with the Mediterranean as your backdrop, and let time unfold at its own pace.

Club 55’s commitment to preserving its original charm extends to the reservation process, adding a touch of old-world elegance to the modern era. In a digital age, where booking systems are often automated, Club 55 stands apart by adhering to a more personal touch. To secure a coveted spot at this exclusive retreat, guests must make reservations via phone, emphasizing a commitment to genuine human connection. What sets Club 55 apart is the meticulous attention to detail, as owner Patrice de Colmont continues the tradition of handwritten notes and personally places each guest. This unique and labor-intensive practice, carried out by Patrice himself, underscores the club’s dedication to maintaining an intimate, bespoke experience that has been cherished for decades. It adds an extra layer of authenticity to the Club 55 experience, ensuring that every visitor feels the warmth and personal touch that has made this iconic beach club a timeless destination.

As the day transitions into evening, Club 55 closes. Guests often find themselves lingering until 19:00 or 20:00 when the staff, with a friendly nudge, hints that it’s time to wrap up. But the adventure doesn’t conclude there – many patrons extend their stay with a refreshing night swim before bidding adieu to this timeless haven.

In a world where beach clubs come and go, Club 55 remains an enduring symbol of elegance and relaxation. So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time beachgoer, Club 55 invites you to experience the perfect blend of sophistication and seaside bliss on the French Riviera.