Culture – Ai Weiwei Opens His Latest Amazing “Mountains and Seas” Exhibition in The South of France

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been quite the busy man as of late. Not only has he been making a fair share of noise around the art world but he’s now also back with yet another stunning exhibit. His latest piece of work is (perhaps a litte surprisingly) located at the Château La Coste’s gallery in the South of France, close to Aix-en-Provence. The gallery in itself is amazing and well worth a visit, partly because of it being located in one of our favourite areas of the world, but even more so because of its beautiful vineyard that hosts the open air museum of artistic exhibitions.Weiwei’s creative undertaking was originally conceived and conceptualized in 2015 when his “passport was returned following his detention and subsequent four-year travel ban” – as told by designboom. Here, at the Château La Coste’Making, a ‘ruyi path’ now makes its way through the grounds – a permanent work that gives new life to cobbles salvaged from the recently renovated ports of Marseille. The chinese artist developed the scheme over the course of two years, carefully determining the path’s course across the forest.

In addition to this permanent piece, Weiwei and his “Mountains and Seas” exhibition features a collection of pieces that invite a broader understanding of the artist’s practice. All pieces in have been carefully produced using ancient Chinese kite-making methods and are inspired by a range of mythological figures. The most attention-grabbing piece is the monolithic large figure which hangs from the ceiling, spanning almost the entire length of the room. Make sure to check out the pictures below – and head over here to learn more.