Culture – A Trip Through Time with Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham, without doubt one of our favourite artists, is unencumbered by the conventions of a particular place or period. In fact, the very essence of his work and his audience’s connection to it suggest that the lines of what constitute “proper” art and even time itself seem to bend around him. From the comfort of his New York studio, he shares about his extensive use of social media to communicate with an audience beyond the traditional art world and his role as an artist reshaping culture. “My job as an artist is to kind of digest culture and put back another version of it that’s my kind of version or my vision of it, or allow people to rethink their everyday experience and show them something that was always there in a new way.” – Daniel Arsham We’ve already covered Daniel a few times earlier here on The Journal – but we simply can’t get enough of the guy. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the fun video below for a quick glimpse at his career. For the full story, head over to MAEKAN and click here to see what Arsham lists as his most cherished possessions (including a pretty special watch).