Automotive – Video Special On The Journal: Ian Callum Tells The Story Of How He Became A Designer

Ian Callum has been responsible for some of the most beautiful cars on the roads over the last few decades, with most of his career actually spent with Ford, though most will likely recognize his more recent efforts at Aston Martin and Jaguar. Some of his most impressive works include the original Aston Martin Vanquish, the Jaguar F-Type and the rare Ford RS200 homologation special.

Callum is also a huge car nut, even going so far as to commission a bespoke Jaguar Mark 2, but he’s also very much an approachable, likable ‘car guy,’ something that can’t be said for many of the types you often find in design circles, especially those with talents on the same level as Callum’s.

In the video below, the 61-year-old tells the story of his life-long passion for car design and how he turned that passion into a career. And there might just be something in the water in the small Scottish town of Dumfries where Callum grew up. After all, his little brother Moray Callum is also a noted automotive designer and is currently in charge of the design team at Ford.