Travel – Travel tip: The Soho House Berlin

The Soho House in Berlin, which is located at the beginning of Torstrasse in the Mitte district, is one of our absolute favourite hotels in Europe. The beautifully white six story Bauhaus-looking building was originally a department store built in the 1920’s, and is also a former Communist Party HQ.

You won’t notice that last particular bit of history when you walk into the lobby though. Instead you’ll find beautiful dark floors, graffiti-art by Damien Hirst, and ping-pong tables plus ‘chic boheme’ flea markets during weekends. You’ll definitely love the awesome looking rooms, which range from 30 to 118 sqm, but don’t hang around for too long. Instead, head for the rooftop bar where young hip Berliners bade in the searing sunshine while looking over the Berlin skyline and the iconic television tower.

The indoor bar and restaurant is equally splendid. The bartenders know what they’re doing (try the ‘Dark and Stormy’) and the food is pretty decent too (we love the burger). There’s a spa if you feel like having a massage or treatment, and the gym is supposed to be great (although we haven’t tried it out ourselves).

We’ve heard that if there’s one city where an adventure will unfold on its own, it’s Berlin. But whenever we go, we just end up holing up in the Soho House. It’s just too good of an adventure on its own.