Culture – The 10 Art Exhibitions You Have to Check Out This Month

For many of us, the basic human desire for knowledge, stimulation, understanding, pleasure and enlightenment is fed by our engagement with the arts. Did you know that art actually boosts productivity, lowers stress levels and increases overall well-being? It’s true: it’s in your best interests to be more engaged with the arts, and we’re making it easier for you than ever.

There’s plenty to stimulate you art-wise this month. Perhaps the world’s greatest art fair Frieze is around the corner, a future Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective has just been announced by the Barbican and there are exciting exhibitions happening all across the globe.

While it’s impossible to shine a spotlight on all of the amazing art and exhibitions taking place all over the world, Hypebeast has done a great job of listing the top 10 must-see art exhibitions to check out this month.

See a shortlist below and make sure to head over to Hypebeast for the full thing.

CHRIS JOHANSON, “IMPERFECT REALITY WITH FIGURES AND CHALLENGING ABSTRACTION,” BERLINart-exhibitions-october-A-Chris-Johanson_Untitled_2016__Courtesy-of-the-artist-and-The-Conversation-1200x619

With Berlin’s autumn sky looking increasingly ominous, walking into Chris Johanson’s current show at The Conversation feels like the first day of a permanent vacation. His unschooled and playful style radiates the room with an exuberant sense of color that immediately gives you a lift. The Conversation, running until December 3

WILLA NASATIR, LOS ANGELESB_Willa-Nasatir-installation-view-Ghebaly-Gallery-2016

Willa Nasatir’s intricate sculptural landscapes wouldn’t look out of place hung on the walls of the Tyrell Corporation building in Blade Runner. Her surreal and opulent palette emanates a futuristic ’80s atmosphere that feels dark and elusive. This otherworldliness is a key component to her work’s seductive nature. Ghebaly Gallery, running until October 29

Seeking to emphasize play and experimentation, Jean Tinguely created his work as a rejection of the static, conventional art world. Art was not about standing in a sterile white space, distantly gazing at a silent painting, so he produced kinetic sculptures that animated the boundary between his passion and life. Stedelijk Museum, running until March 1