Interview – Out & About with Andreas Weinås

Today on The Journal we’re sitting down for a little chat with Andreas Weinås, a fellow Swede and personal friend of ours – as well as one of today’s most influential people within men’s fashion and style.

Since a few years back, Andreas is the Executive Editor of one of Sweden’s biggest men’s fashion sites,, as well the Editor for fashion stalwart King Magazine. In his spare time, he’s also managed to build his personal brand across social media, with more than twice as many Instagram-followers as the two media outlets he represents, combined.

More recently he’s, somewhat surprisingly, walked the catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana at Fashion Week in Milan. Truth be told, few people look as good in a suit as Andreas Weinås, be it Orazio Luciano, B&Tailor or something trendier from the likes of D&G. Be it online or offline, Andreas offers up stylish inspiration, tips and tricks to anyone looking to dress a little bit better. Oh, and he happens to be a watch nerd too. What’s not to like?

Tell us the one thing that everyone should know about Andreas Weinås?

I truly and genuinely love what I do which I think is really important, even crucial, if you want to be good and succeed at it.

You’re not originally from Stockholm. What brought you to the capital, and more importantly, what made you stay?

I was offered the position as Executive Editor for and Watch Editor for King Magazine. This was right after I finished school in Borås Textile University and I haven’t regretted the move once. With that being said, I will admit that Gothenburg will always have a very special place in my heart – and I go back for a quick visit whenever I can.

What about King Magazine and Manolo? In fact, how did you end up in “fashion” (if I even dare call it that) to begin with?

It all started after high school I guess. A friend who was more fashionable (remember that I was a professional handball player at the time, which is about as far from a sartorialist you can be) sparked my interest and I started reading a bunch of blogs, especially The Sartorialist. After that it just evolved and my interest gradually got more and more focused on classic, tailored menswear rather than catwalk or seasonal trends. I started writing a blog which got picked up and after a few years I started blogging for King Magazine.

You’ve got a pretty impressive collection of watches, especially for someone your age. What got you into watches? Is there a classic “grandfather or father that had an old Rolex” story here?

Ha! That is, in fact… exactly what happened! In my early twenties I wanted to buy my first “proper” watch and when I told my father he said that he had my grandfather’s old Rolex lying in a desk drawer at home. You can probably imagine my excitement to get a Datejust ref. 1600 that was worn by my grandfather through the 70’s and 80’s as my first watch. To this very day, it’s the watch I value the most in my collection.

If you had to pick one watch to wear for the rest of your life, one that you currently own or one that you don’t, which one would it be?

My grandfather’s old Datejust aside, I would without a doubt wear my Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711. I simply can’t imagine a better everyday watch. Well… I guess it would have to be the first generation 5711P (not the current Tombstone) but that’s just a completely different price point.

An old friend visits Stockholm for the first time, where do you take him or her for the perfect twenty-four hours? What are some of your favourite spots when it comes to food, sightseeing and shopping?

I would take them to Shibumi for dinner. It’s a Scandinavian and Japanese fusion restaurant with the best tartare I’ve ever had. Before that we would probably stop by Tweed in Gamla Stan for some of the best Martini’s in Stockholm. The morning after we would start with some Eggs Benedict at Riche, a real classic, and then take a walk through central Stockholm for some shopping. Biblioteksgatan is great both for watches and clothes, and great coffee can be found at Cafe Sempre which is just around the corner.

Apart from watches, we’re notorious burger lovers and recently wrote a post about the best burgers in the world. Who serves your favourite burger – and why?

I tried Minetta Tavern when I was in NYC last time I was there, but was a bit disappointed actually. The patty was great but the rest quite underwhelming. I prefer my burgers without lettuce and tomatoes and quite simple. A brioche bread, patty, american cheese and caramelized onions. I actually believe that Stockholm has a very strong burger culture with Flippin Burger, Prime and The Border as my personal favourites.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received – or bought for yourself?

It´s hard to say but one recent gift that was very creative and extremely thoughtful was from my friend and colleague Olof Nithenius. When I turned 30 last year he had designed a printed pocket square with an illustration of me on it. In fact, I just had it framed and will hang it in my apartment.

What are your favourite websites or apps?

Except I would recommend Hodinkee which is one of my favourite watch related websites. I also really enjoy the BnTailor Tumblr which is like pornography for a tailoring enthusiast like myself.

Talking about suits, what are three great brands at different price points that you’d recommend to someone looking for their first great suit?

I can recommend two brands in two different price ranges that I believe offer a very nice and well made product for the price. First is the dutch company Suitsupply with suits starting at roughly 350€. True bang for the buck as a entry level and a premium line called La Spalla around 700€ featuring a full canvas construction and luxurious fabrics. The other brand is the  japanese manufacture Ring Jacket. A tailoring company that dates back to the 1950´s with superb fit. It´s around 1500-2000€ for a suit but they are one of the best RTW-fit I´ve experienced.

Lastly, who do you think we should interview next?

I think my colleague and the Fashion Director of King Magazine, Claes Juhlin, would be very interesting to read more about!